Welcome to TimelineHQ, the umbrella site for every site covered in the Timeline series. Here you'll find info about the core ideas for the project, stats and info about the development and creation process and the chance to vote for future Timeline entries.

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Made with passion and dedication

Designed and built with passion and dedication, and a faithfulness to the core concept of each series, each Timeline entry is a monument to that series' fans and fellowship.

Each Timeline site focuses on the core attribute of that series, whether it be a focus on the lore and story, or exploring the rich universe features in the series, or focusing on specific characters.

For example, Zelda Timeline condenses and explores the timeline and stories behind every Zelda title, but Metroid Timeline will instead explore the universe itself of Samus and her adventures.

With that focus, each site will still be an encyclopaedia of knowledge on each series and will be the go-to place for everything about the series, releases and details.


Hours spent on Zelda Timeline alone.


Timeline sites already planned.


Lines of code written.

The passion and thought behind every idea.

A focus on everyone – new and old.
Whether a life-long fan, or a newcomer, TimelineHQ will cater to everyone who visits a Timeline site.

Responsive & Hi-Res

Every site will be mobile-friendly and hi-resolution for portable enjoyment.

No ads. Forever.

Everyone hates ads, so that's why TimelineHQ will remain ad-free.

Cool Technology

Using up-to-date and amazing techniques, TimelineHQ sites will always strive to not only look the best, but be the best.

Metroid Timeline

Focusing on the universe of Metroid, Metroid Timeline presents a visual look at Samus, her universe, friends and foes. Coming 2016.

Zelda Timeline

Explore the world of The Legend of Zelda, including the games, the stories and timeline, and fan theories and debates. With a wealth of well-written background stories, game information, reviews, media and other related Zelda goodies

Halo Timeline

Halo Timeline is an in-depth looks at the world of Master Chief, the Covenant and the lore around Halo. Coming 2016.

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